Bacon Okonomiyaki Recipe

bacon okonomiyaki recipe

Bacon Okonomiyaki Recipe

Cook 1/4 cup of bacon until starting to crisp, 2 to 3 minutes. Arrange it in a small circle in the middle of the pan; add 1 cup of the batter. Cook until brown and crispy, ...

bacon okonomiyaki printer friendly

Bacon Okonomiyaki - Printer Friendly

"An Americanized version of okonomiyaki, a classic Japanese dish! A savory pancake loaded with veggies and bacon. It can be customized to your liking but I  ...

bacon and cheddar cornmeal pancakes

Bacon and Cheddar Cornmeal Pancakes

Breakfast pancakes don't have to be sweet! Try these delicious bacon-laced pancakes made with savory Cheddar and cornmeal for a real breakfast treat.

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Peanut Butter Bacon Pancakes

These peanut butter-packed, bacon-topped breakfast pancakes are a decadent dish that your brunch guests will hanker for time and time again!

bills fried bacon recipe

Bill's Fried Bacon Recipe

If you are tired of simple fried bacon, try this. Bacon is simmered in a spice blend, then cooked until crisp and coated with great flavor.

okonomiyaki japanese pancake recipe

Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pancake) Recipe

This savory pancake filled with cabbage, bacon, sausage, and shrimp is a well- known Japanese dish, okonomiyaki, that's easy to customize.

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Bacon Bourbon Apple Pancakes Recipe

Bacon, bourbon, and apple pancakes deliver the perfect balance of sweet and savory for a warm breakfast on chilly weekend mornings.

easy japanese okonomiyaki printer friendly

Easy Japanese Okonomiyaki - Printer Friendly

Heat oil in a pan over medium heat. Pour in batter. Top with bacon slices. Cook until golden brown, 5 to 15 minutes per side. Top with okonomiyaki, mayonnaise,  ...

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Back to Bacon Pancake Strips with Maple-Peanut Butter Sauce recipe

Pancakes lined with bacon strips are topped with maple peanut butter sauce for a sweet and savory breakfast that is kid- and adult-friendly.

liver and bacon recipe

Liver and Bacon Recipe

Tender calves' liver coated in seasoned breading, then pan fried and served with bacon. Serve with any of your favorite side dishes.